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Ready To Jump Back Into Dating: Tips For Success

The dating world has changed immensely even over the past couple of years. Online dating has exploded and become much more mainstream as it used to be the last resort for many people. This has become the first option for many people as there simply are not enough good situations to meet somebody organically. Not all dating sites are created equal so find the one that most matches what you want in a partner. The following are tips for jumping back into dating in today’s world.

Write Down What You Are Looking For

Writing down what you are looking for should be done in a general way. Picking the same type of guy time after time and failing means that you might be putting value in the wrong things. As a mother it is important that the person is fine with you having kids, you can decide if you would be fine with them having kids as well. You want this person to be financially independent but do not put too much stock in how much money they make. When you are going through guys online you can refer to this list you have written down. If a guy hits 8 of 10 requirements or is lacking a less important requirement then you should consider going on a date with them.

Focus on Your Body

Too many people on online dating tend to put pictures up that might not look like them at all in person. Take the time to focus on your fitness after your last breakup in order to attract a person that you find attractive as well. You can start by eating in a healthy manner which you can also have the kids doing. The gym can be a great place to blow off steam after a breakup so this can be where you put your newfound time. Everyone knows which part of their body that they can improve so concentrate on this first. If your butt is sagging you should do squats and lower body exercises as your priority. If you simply cannot life your butt you can consult professionals like those at for help.

Do Thorough Research on People You Date

Unfortunately there are plenty of men as well as women that use dating sites although they are married. Doing the appropriate research on people is important as people could be lying about a variety of areas in their lives. Take a look at LinkedIn as many people tend to lie about what they do exactly for a living. If you cannot find a LinkedIn page for this person and they have a job that requires one (almost all have a need for a profile) then this is a warning sign. Google reverse image search their profile picture to make sure you are not being catfished or put into a dangerous situation by an online predator. Background check are also imperative as you could be bringing this person around your children after some time.

As you can see as a working mother it is important to be picky as your time is extremely valuable. Dating can be fun so enjoy yourself and do not go out looking to fall in love on the first date.

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Top Tips for Getting Back into Shape after Pregnancy

From the moment your body starts accumulating weight in pregnancy, you probably begin planning as to how you will go about shedding them off once the little one arrives. Once your baby is born, you will be overwhelmed and it takes some time for you to settle into a semblance of a routine. When this happens, it is time to put the plans you made into action. However, you need to give your body some time to relax as well because it has been through a lot and will need to recuperate. In addition, everyone’s experience is different and it is best to seek the permission of a doctor before you do anything.

There are lots of things that can help new moms in burning off the weight they have gained during pregnancy. Taking the baby out with you for a walk in a stroller, breastfeeding and eating healthy snacks, all can assist you. But, if you want to see a major difference, exercise is the key here. How can it help?

1-     With regular exercise, it is easy for you to get back to your pre-pregnancy weight, but that’s not all. It can also reduce leg cramps and back pain, maintain or improve muscle tone, reduce constipation and swelling and improve your sleep cycles.

2-     During the first four to six months after your pregnancy, you need to keep the exercises light. You can go for walking, swimming, water aerobics and low-impact aerobics. There are post-natal exercise classes you can take in which professionals guide you to start a light weight program that helps you in maintaining your posture and doesn’t require you to hold your breath.

3-     The intensity of the exercise program can be increased gradually, if you feel you are able to and don’t experience any discomfort or pain.

4-     You should ensure that the abdominal and pelvic floor muscles have regained enough strength before you start aerobics, sports, heavy lifting and running. A minimum of twelve to sixteen weeks is required for this purpose before you can start a normal exercise routine. Believing that high-impact exercises and sports will automatically deal with the strengthening is a major mistake because it actually reduces the strength and causes long-term bowel and bladder issues.

5-     There are tons of exercises that you can do, but once you are ready to get back to it, cardio is the way to go because it can help shape your legs and butt. Kickboxing, swimming, jogging and bicycling all help.

6-     You can also focus on strength training, which involves doing plenty of lunges and squats. You can also consider getting injected into the buttocks to get your butt in proper shape. A trainer can be consulted for establishing a proper exercise regimen.

7-     Weight training can also be immensely helpful because it speeds up your metabolism, thereby helping you in getting rid of the extra weight on your body. New mothers don’t even need dumbbells; they have their baby and can use them for doing lunges and similar exercises.

While you want to get back into shape as soon as possible, it is essential for you to take a break if you feel any sort of pain or discomfort. If something hurts, you should stop instantly and get it checked or ignorance will cost you a lot in the long run. You don’t want to take that risk, especially when you also have a baby’s responsibility to deal with. Next, also remember that overdoing it is also not a good idea. Sure, you want fast results, but it is better to be safe than sorry.



Everything You have Ever Wanted to Know about Butt Injections

Butt augmentation surgeries and treatments have become a common feature these after several celebrities have adopted it for increasing the size of their butts through renowned plastic surgeon of Denver, Joffrey and Dr. Matthew Dr.Constantino Mendieta in Miami. Brief information about butt injections is provided in this write-up to understand this concept more precisely.


A medical procedure which allows you to inject a substance into your butts to make them large is known as butt injection. Actually FDA has approved the tailored versions of the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure for this purpose in which fat is extracted from other parts of your body through liposuction and injected into your hips and butts to improve their curves. The version of this surgery conducted by Dr. Joffrey is given a registered name of SCOOP Lift in which a centrifuge is used to remove and separate broken cells of fat before injecting them into your butt by rejecting some of these cells during the process.

Other substance that can be injected into your butts

Some injectable materials and fillers such as collagen and silicone are also used for this purpose but they are not approved by FDA as they can cause permanent disfiguring, severe pain and even death.

Risk factors

Like every other surgery certain risks are also involved in butt injection procedure like blockage of arteries due to direct injection of fat into blood vessels.

Recovery time

Though recovery time for butt injection depends upon the amount of fat extracted and injected but still it may take 2-3 weeks for complete healing after discomfort for initial 7-10 days.


The cost of butt injection surgery can vary in each state but still its standard rate may be more than $9,000 depending upon the amount of fat to be removed and injected as well as the standard of the surgeon you choose for this procedure.

Difference between the Brazilian butt lift and butt implants

According to Dr. Mendieta the rate of complications is higher in but implants as it involves the risk of incision ruptures. Butt implants are less popular than Brazilian procedure as instead of reshaping your butt implants only increase their volume and the shape remains the same. Moreover implants can give an odd look to your butts as if you have concealed something in them. As compared to breast implants butt implants are different as in butts instead of liquid sold materials like silicone etc. are used. On the other hand fat used in butt lift treatment help in reshaping your hips and butts with a soft feel which is not possible in implants as they tighten hip muscles.

Chances of movement of fat from butts

According to Dr. Joffrey the fat injected into your butts cannot move to other parts of your body as most of it is rejected by your body by excretion through your urine and by liquefying it into oil form for liposuction. Though some of the fat cells get wasted during the process but once they are injected into your butts they make a permanent change unless you lose weight.

Eligible candidates

Though the candidature for these treatments depend n every individual but still slightly overweight people are eligible candidate for the procedure of butt injection. On the other hand anyone especially thin people can go for butt implant as they may not have enough fat required for the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure.

Effect of weight loss on butt injection

According to various experts some people gain weight intentionally for having butt injection procedure. But it is not recommended as they will have to maintain their weight after this surgery to enjoy its results for long time. The size of their new butts can reduce if they lose weight after surgery.

The Brazilian Butt Lift treatment was performed for the first time more than two decades earlier but it gained popularity since 5-6 years back only when Dr. Joffrey and other plastic surgeons have performed it on various celebrities. According to the reports submitted by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery only in 2013 more than 10,000 butt injection surgeries were performed.

The Secret to Natural looking Breast Enhancement

After deciding to go for a breast augmentation one of the primary concerns for most women is that the breast will not look natural after the operation. This is according to experts in the field of breast enhancements. The concern that many women are faced with is well informed as many “boob jobs” always end up looking fake. However, there are still many ways for these women to get natural looking breasts but this will only be possible if they are well informed before going under the knife.

Selecting the right implants is the secret behind natural looking breast implants but there are also many other factors that will help complement this. Choosing the right implants is easy provided one know what to look for but three things should always be considered. The three things are the implant type, its shape, and size. Considering the three factors is critical in getting the best results from the surgery. The three factors will not only help one have realistic results but will also assist the surgeon achieve a patient’s specific breast enhancement goals.

When choosing the type of implant for the augmentation, there are two options for one to choose from. The two options are silicone or saline. Both have their merits and demerits, and so the needs of the patient should influence the type of implant they choose. Silicone implants are the most commonly used and also the most preferred implants by many women as they have a tendency to look more natural. The fact that they are also less likely to ripple even in women who have thin skins also make silicone implants the better option for most people.

Once the type of implant has been selected the next thing that has to be figured out to get, natural looking breast augmentation is the shape and size. For the shape, one can choose either anatomical or round shape depending on their preferences. The ideal size of the breast enhancement should be determined by careful examination and measurements. Besides from the measurements and individual’s postoperative desired look should also be considered in determining the right size. For the shape, the degree of upper pole fullness should dictate the shape to get a natural look. An overly full pole is an indication of unnatural breast and so is an excessively convex breast.


natural breasts –


breast augmentation – patient courtesy : Nashville Liposuction Specialty Clinic

Still on the size of the implants, it is important not to focus a lot on the CC’s that the individual gets but instead more emphasis should be put on their appearance. The ideal size should be dictated by the body size and shape of the individual. For small-bodied individuals, excessively large breasts are a dead giveaway of a ‘boob job’. Most experts will agree that bigger does not always mean better, and so the right size should not only focus on giving the patient the biggest breasts possible.

Once an individual selects their ideal implant, its shape and size it will be important for them to visualize how their breasts will look like before getting the job done. This can be done using some modern technologies like 3D Imaging. Using this technology, it is possible to see exactly how the implants will look like post operation. In some cases where the technology is not available, an individual may be required to try out different implant sizes once the pockets for the implants have been created. This is recommended for individuals who are not sure which implants will look natural on them.

All the above factors can be easily figured out if a person is well informed but getting a natural breast enhancement will be dependent on the surgeon carrying out the procedure. The fast thing that one should ensure is that the surgeon has been certified and licensed to operate by the relevant authority. Licensing and certification are an indication that the plastic surgeon is trained and qualified in the field. There are many quacks that purport to do this surgery but in most cases the outcome is always wrong. Besides from this, you should also look for an experienced surgeon who has performed many similar operations in the past. Ask to see before and after pictures of his or her previous patients and if you like what you see then you will also get a good job done on your breasts.

Selfies Leading to More Plastic Surgeries

Nowadays people take selfies for them to post on social platforms. There are different platforms which people use such as Instagram among others. After taking the selfies, they post them online from where other people comment about them. This leads to more people becoming conscious about their look.


This in one way or another has lead to many people resorting to cosmetic surgery as a way of trying to correct areas where they feel they are not looking perfect. Most selfies capture the face, this has led many people to trying to carry out corrective procedures on their faces. There are many cases where celebrities have resorted to cosmetic surgery which has led to their transformations. For the case of celebrities it is associated with their exposure to a lot of people on social media. The trend has now gone further to individuals who are not celebrities. After they take the selfies, they will have a chance to look at the photos critically even more than when they will be looking at the mirror. Remember when looking at the mirror you will be alone to judge your appearance, but after you decide to post the selfies on social platforms you will give other people a chance to comment. You will also have a chance to compare your photo with other people who may have posted theirs online. Here are incidences where selfies have led to more plastic surgeries:

Increase in Eyelid surgery due to selfies

After people take selfies they will have a chance of know the way their eyelids appear. In case there are some defects on the eyelids, the defects can be easily corrected through use of eyelid surgery. This is a form of plastic surgery that has gained popularity nowadays because people are aware of the way they appear. For example, an individual can take a selfie and post it online. From the photo he or she will have a chance of seeing other photos that have been posted. This lead individuals to looking for ways of improving their faces so that they will look like certain celebrities who have posted their photos online. This in one way or another leads to an increase in the number of people who will like to undergo eyelid surgery. Some people will just take their selfies and they post them online. While browsing they will come across selfies of celebrities, due to the attractive looks that some celebrities who have undergone plastic surgery have, they can decide to undergo the procedures for them to appear attractive too.


There are some people who will like to improve the appearance of their nose. Many people have realized the defects that they have on their noses after they took selfies. This in one way or another has fueled the rate at which people are using the cosmetic surgery procedure as a way of trying to improve their appearances. Rhinoplasty has been used by many celebrities as a way of trying to improve their appearance. After individuals take selfies, they discover there is a defect that they have. From selfies that have been posted by celebrities, there are others who claim to have made use of rhinoplasty and they ended up with great improvements of their noses. This make more and more people consultant surgeons with an intention of accessing the cosmetic surgery procedures for them to look great.

Hair transplants

Different people have different types of hair. There are others who have attractive hairs while others will like to improve the appearance of their hair. Through selfies that people take they are able to know the real appearance of their hair. This in one way or another has fueled the rate at which people are seeking for the cosmetic surgery procedures. Hair transplant can lead individuals who have poor quality of hair to have hair that is beautiful implanted on their heads. Those who suffer from hair loss can also apply the method for them to have beautiful looking hair on their heads. Remember you will never know the way your head appears, but after you take a selfie you will easily know how the hair is appearing. This will lead you to consulting surgeons who will offer you the services of hair transplant. More and more people are willing to try cosmetic surgery after they take selfies from where they will compare their appearance with other people.

hair transplants and removal

images by Dr. Wright – (St. Louis Laser Liposuction Center)


Discover how to choose a liposuction doctor

Opting for liposuction to improve your physical appearance is one of the most important decisions of your life. This is because as a woman, your outward appearance largely depends on how you package yourself. Further, you need to know that the first impression is always the lasting impression. This is why you must get everything right the first time because your accomplishments depend on it.

Liposuction can make the difference between a good and a miserable life. This is the main reason you need to be knowledgeable on how to how to choose a liposuction doctor that will get the job done perfectly. A good doctor will take you through a process that reshapes and slims specific parts of your body by removing the unwanted fat depositions. The result is a lean sexy body with proportion and enviable contours. Most often, liposuction is used to remove excess body fat in areas such as the thighs, abdomen, buttocks, hips, waist, arms and chest among other body parts.

Below are some surefire tips on how to choose a liposuction doctor:

  • Ensure that the doctor is certified

This fact, really, is a no-brainer. As obvious and simple as this might seem, many people are not keen to find out whether a doctor is certified or not. For example, if you are curious about a plastic surgeon, then all you need is to visit the boards’ website in order to get that information. Even if the site does not directly provide you with that information, there are provisions for a phone number and email where you can call or send your message and get a response conveniently.


look for valid and recognized certifications


The main reason for certifying doctors is mainly for quality assurance purposes. Any person who is certified is allowed to perform all surgical procedures. However, before certification, such a person needs to have completed rigorous training such as a minimum of 5 years of general surgery plus a minimum of 2 years or more in plastic surgery including various oral and written tests. This is not the end. Certificates are renewed every ten years or so depending on the laws of your state. As such, certification assures you of more than your safety and quality service.

  • Check for a doctor’s record

You can find out more about your prospective doctor by visiting their online file. An easy way is to look at previous customer reviews online on forums and boards. Do not stop here. Proceed further to the medical boards’ website and request for the doctors track record. Records of malpractice judgments and other disciplinary actions taken against doctors are kept and availed by this board’s website. Even a mere accusation filed by an individual is held and availed for you at request.


read the doctor’s profile page: example

  • Check for hospital privileges

Regardless of how small the procedure is, or even if you are doing it in an outpatient clinic, you need to check if your doctor has hospital privileges. For a doctor to have things such as hospital privileges, the hospital must undertake a serious background check on them. This is why if you notice that your prospective doctor lacks this, that is a red flag right there.

  • Honesty and clarity

During the process of inquiry, you always deal with the surgical representatives or the secretaries but not the doctor. They will quote a price for you depending on the extent of surgery that you require. Ask for an explanation of the price quoted for you and even proceed with a breakdown of those costs until you are completely confident of what you are getting yourself into. You do not want the situation where the surgeon surprises you with unexpected prices after the procedure. It can be very embarrassing.

Honesty is an aspect of business transparency which needs to be inculcated in customer service. This is because it fosters understanding between the doctor and the patient. Keep in mind that after the procedure, you may be required to meet periodically with your doctor for post-surgery treatment.

  • Know your way through multiple procedures

Undertaking multiple procedures is a tricky balance between you and your doctor because it has two implications. The first is that it will cost you more money. Secondly, it might take a toll on you. For example, if you want a nose job and a neck lift discuss and articulate your concerns with your doctor. If your doctor is reasonable enough, he will work something out that is convenient for the both of you. One way to go about it is to spread your appointments such that the procedure is done in steps. If your doctor is not accommodating as you may have required, try someone else who understands your concerns.

Remember to get value for your money when choosing a liposuction doctor. Paying exceedingly cheap for bad surgery can be costly in the long run. So, take your time because a price tag cannot be attached to your health.

Facelift Innovations 2015

While trying to improve the appearance of your face there are many options that a surgeon can recommend. First, the surgeons will take time and assess the condition of your face before they decide to offer either Botox injections or any other injections available. The different injections available will also tend to offer different resorts. There are side effects will also differ in different people. In order to ensure you are being offered the right facelift procedure (image 01: taken from Uplift Centers), you should first take your time and check whether the surgeon you are about to work with has been fully certified to offer the cosmetic procedures. Botox injections have been used for quit some time to treat signs of aging on the face such as wrinkles. There are also other types of treatments that have been developed.

Botox fall under a class of Botulinum injections, they are mostly used to treat dynamic Wrinkles on the face. The wrinkles may have developed over time and they are very visible on the face. They can be used to get rid of the wrinkles for short period of time. Usually less than 4 months. On the other hand, dermal fillers are used to treat static wrinkles. These are usually caused by reduction of the elasticity of the skin. They can also result due to loss of facial volume. There are many types of dermal filers available. Here are facelift innovations 2015 – beyond botox which you should know:


image 01: facelift: real patient results


  1. Perlane, Restylane and Juvederm

These are made out of hyaluronic acid. They are best used to treat static wrinkles. Although they are non-animal gels, they are very effective in getting rid of static wrinkles. After you visit your cosmetic surgeon, he can assess the condition of your skin and inject you with the fillers. Restylane and Juvederm are commonly used in cases where a patient will like to have firm lips. They can be used in the lip augmentation and in the process of improving dark circles under the eyes. The injections can last up to 9 months. In some cases they can be effective for up to one year.


  1. Juvederm Voluma XC

This is a special filer that is designed to fill the cheek area. In case you experience facial fat loss, you can end up with cheeks that will appear old. The surgeon can use this innovative filers to improve the appearance of your cheeks. Some of the advantages that patients enjoy after they have this type of filers is where they will feel the effects of the fillers for up to 2 years. In case you have lost a lot of face fat, you can make your face firm after you consult a surgeon who will apply the fillers.


  1. Sculptra

Sculptra is made out of poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA). This is a bit different from other filers in the market. In case you have lost a lot of mass on your face, scultra can be used to restore collagen. This will lead to giving the face skin elasticity, radiance and volume. After application of the filers, the results will be seen gradually. After it has achieved its full effects, the skin will appear subtle and natural. For complete correction of your face, the surgeon will apply 2 to 4 treatments which are carried out in a span of 4 to 6 weeks. The treatments can last on your face for a period of 2 to 5 years.


  1. Radiesse

The fillers are made out of calcium hydroxyapatite. This is a substance that is found in the teeth bones. It offers long lasting wrinkle treatment for deep facial lines. Although the filers are extracted from hard tissues, when used in soft tissues they are complaint and soft. They can remain effective for up to 18 months.


  1. Belotero 

This is a filler made out of hyaluronic acid. It offers patients a natural looking results. While hydrating the skin you may develop wrinkles, the filers can be applied to get rid of the wrinkles. After surgeons apply the treatments effectively, it will lead you to developing a subtle and rejuvenated skin. The results of the treatments can last for up to 6 months. While applying facial fillers, the surgeon will use fine needles to inject them. They are easy to apply and the surgeon can apply them on your face in less than one hour.


Top 5 Most Popular Plastic Surgery Procedures in 2014

There is no doubt that there is an increasing awareness of the various kinds of plastic surgery procedures available to people. This is coupled with almost everyone’s growing desire to feel and look their best all the time and with minimal effort. A lot of patients turn to their surgeons and surgical procedures to help them boost the levels of their self confidence. The following are the top 5 hottest plastic surgery procedures in 2014:

  1. Vaginoplasty

The search to achieve a “designer vagina” has grown, with vaginoplasty and labiaplasty amongst the world’s rapidly growing plastic surgery procedure.

Vaginoplasty is a surgical procedure which “tightens” the vagina, a technique that is popular among females who have given birth. On the other hand, labiaplasty is a procedure which reshapes or reduces the size of the labia minora – either for cosmetic or medical reasons.

In 2013, about 2,400 in the US alone have undergone this procedure. In the following year, this number has grown to 3,500. This only suggests that there is a growing number of women who feel empowered to undergo this cosmetic in the following years to come.

  1. Bingo Wing Surgery or Brachioplasty

This procedure refers to the elimination of excess aging skin found in the upper arms – usually called as the “bingo wings”. It provides more toned, tighter and more youthful arms. Brachioplasty is becoming a growing trend among matured women who are conscious about their “flappy” arms and those women have lost considerable amounts of weight and wish to have their skin tightened up.

  1. Tummy Tucks or Abdominoplasty

For those individuals who have been left with excess skin following having a baby or after losing weight, abdominoplasty (aka Tummy tuck or Tummy Tite) is a very popular remedy for many people with low confidence levels. This procedure has become one of the most popular for people who have stretched skin and weakened muscles as it eliminates loose skin and tightens up the muscles.

  1. Chin Implants

Females will keep on aspiring to have that Hollywood glamour through chin implants. This procedure adds balance and definition to facial features giving significant and instant changes in the patients’ profile. Chin implants provide a new bout of confidence to individuals who have receding or weak chin.

  1. Breast Surgery

This year saw the society’s fascination with women’s twin peaks and this only implies that the appeal of boobs has made breast surgery one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures in 2014.

Telling Signs of a Previous Breast Implant Procedure

Whether it’s driven by vanity or the desire to attract a partner, women (and men) have gotten breast implants all over the world. A fuller chest area seems to be a desirable aspect of the female figure. Along with a larger hip area, a large set of breasts may indicate a more “motherly” countenance, hence the natural attraction of the male species to women with a bountiful frame.

Knowing how a fuller chest is obtained through unnatural means may help the discerning gentleman distinguish between a natural bounty and a gel-laden trap.

Once the willing patient goes through the usual series of consultations and discussions about the possible risks and consequences of a procedure, the patient makes the choice of either general anesthesia or local anesthesia.


Paulina Joya a breast surgery patient

When the patient is ready to receive the implants, the surgeon makes an incision in one of several areas of the body. This could either be on the underarms, beneath the breast or around the nipple. The most popular choice has been the armpits to make it easier to hide the scars from the operation. After the incision, the surgeon places the implants into the patient.

Depending on the type of implant, the doctors will either place a full implant or an empty one through the incision. Should the patient get a silicone implant, a full gel pack is placed in the breast. Saline implants are inserted into the breast first and then pumped to bring the breast to the desired size.

After the implants have been placed, the incision is closed with stitches. Patients have the choice of either staying in the hospital for observations or going home, depending on the cause for the implants. Most patients usually opt to immediately go home to marvel at their new found gelatinous confidence.

Thus, the best (and only) way for an observer to determine if a female had something done on her breasts would be to see the bare breasts up close to inspect for scars. A quick observation of the areas mentioned earlier would be the only tell-tale signs of prior procedures.

Of course, one can also ask a person if they had anything done to their breasts. That works just as well. Although it may not be considered very polite to ask if someone has had any gel implants placed into their breast cavities by licensed surgeons. Besides, for a lot of people today, having such implants are not a big deal at all. People have been known to have flourishing intimate relationships despite having had breast augmentation procedures.

The Disadvantages of a Breast Implants

For the female lacking in “personality” or “charm” that attracts guys, getting breast implants has become an easy way to boost the confidence and increase appeal.

Although very attractive at first, getting implants may cause some problems that might be more trouble than they’re worth. Taking a look at some of the downsides to having something unnatural within the female mammary glands may cause washboard girls to appreciate the little pieces of heaven that they already have.

Judith and her breast lift results

Judith Bello – a Patient of Dr. Cole images (c) atlanta liposuction specialty clinic

Decrease in Sensation – It pays to remember that a breast implant comes with no nerve endings or attachments. It is a bag of gel that merely increases the size of the bust. Because of the presence of an unnatural element within the breast cavity, this might lead to a decrease or even change in how the nipples and the breasts respond to outside stimuli.

Stretching of the Skin – Consider a breast implant as a sort of pregnancy for the breast. The presence of the gel pack will stretch the skin to an unnatural size. When the implant is removed, there is a higher tendency for the breasts to start sagging without the silicone gel packs to give it form. This makes for a more undesirable figure when the time comes.

Accidents – Further procedures and corrective plastic surgery is needed in the case of the gel packs becoming punctured while inside the patient. This could be caused by everyday activities. Bumping into things, falling down, inappropriate bra sizes and even sleeping on one’s front side could cause the packs to incur leaks. The end result would have to be a removal of the leaked liquids and replacement of the packs.

Rashes – The body of the patient may not be receptive to the implant. Depending on the skin type of the recipient, the patient might incur rashes and other abnormalities around the breast area. Instead of the increasing the aesthetic value of the implants, it might further cause worry and loss of confidence for the patient.

But then again, that’s what consultations are for. Doctors need to speak to the patient to know their medical history and profile in order to come up with the best procedural practices to make sure that the risks for incurring complications later on are significantly smaller.

If the patient is willing and rich enough to go through with the procedure, proper care should be taken before and after the process to ensure that the patient will fully enjoy the so-called “benefits” of having larger breasts.

How my wife had her cosmetic surgery

If you have ever considered getting cosmetic surgery, you may have heard comments that say that you are just being a victim of the pervasive idea that beautiful women should look like the ones in the movies. However, what cosmetic surgery can give you is always based on your personal expectations. For some, this procedure has helped them improve their self-confidence. Some even undergo this procedure in order for them to help their body perform tasks better.

before and after the lipo (my wife)

before and after the lipo (my wife)

How she went under the Knife

For most people who have successfully undergone plastic surgery, they feel that the emotional benefits that they enjoy are the ones that make the effort and the expense reasonable enough. These people are the ones who have been suffering from the idea that there is something wrong with the way their body looks like, and that it is not the image they want.

Some undergo this procedure because they feel that they can look good and feel better about themselves. Some feel that they are nagged by a flaw and it would help them reduce their anxiety once it is corrected by the procedure. They want to be more presentable and confident with the belief that having a nose lift would enhance their appearance and gain more in life. This is especially true for those who think that their appearance is the reason why they do not get the career advancement that they deserve. Giorgio Armani, despite being a pillar in the world of fashion, underwent plastic surgery, for the sheer reason that he thinks that he would feel more confident about himself and be able to better promote his products at his age after the procedure.

The doctor that operated my Wife

There are also some who underwent cosmetic surgery because it would allow them to gain back physical abilities or make use of their senses better. Some undergo eyelid enhancement procedures in order to gain back their peripheral vision. Some also require plastic surgery after severe accidents in order for them to make use of their facial muscles again. Without this practice, some may never have the ability to smile and frown again, which limits their ability to interact with others and have a normal life.

In the end, the benefits that you can enjoy would all depend on your goals. Before you go through cosmetic surgery, make sure that you are aware of what to expect from the procedure to help you decide whether you should push for an operation.

What had her change my mind

If you are thinking of going under breast augmentation or having botox injection, you are about to make a huge decision. Before you undergo cosmetic surgery, you need to do the necessary self-check first.

How she started recovery

Having a plastic surgery is similar to having a tattoo. The results are permanent and it can be very hard to undo them. For this reason, it is very important that you have a compelling reason why you want to enhance your physical appearance. If you feel that you are unsure whether you want to change how your nose looks like or you want to keep it as it is, then do not book a surgery yet. This is not a decision that you want to make without thinking things over several times.

Understand that most cosmetic surgeries are done because you want to feel better psychologically or you want to do it because of social reasons. It is skin-deep, as most people would say, but it creates a great impact on how you are going to perceive yourself. For those who are not able to accept the way they look, they may want to undergo excessive surgeries, with the sheer belief that it is the only way they can feel confident. That, of course, leads to a problem. For that reason, it is for your benefit that you give serious thought about the outcome of a surgery.

What to Ask your Wife or Partner

If you are contemplating about having a surgery, it is best to ask yourself these questions:

  1. How long have I been thinking about getting a surgery?
  2. Do I have a specific goal in mind that only surgery can give me?
  3. Is it possible that I can get these goals through other means?
  4. Do I expect this surgery to change my life for the better?
  5. Will surgery really provide the appearance that I desire?

Take note that having a surgery would not solve any problems such as breakups, lack of promotion in the office, or being unable to get better relationships. It may boost your confidence in a way, but it does not offer a lasting solution to any personal or career trouble. If you think that you are driven to have surgery to solve a problem, then you might have false expectations from a plastic surgery. You might want to consider counseling first before you talk to a surgeon to get an operation done.