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Breast Lift New York – Preparation & Surgeon Consultation

Breast lift surgery or mastopexy is a kind of cosmetic surgery that is performed to reshape unevenly drooping breasts, stretched areolas, decreased breasts and drooping nipples by decreasing breast volume and lifting the breasts to recreate their youthful shape. Along with breast uplift, breast reduction and breast augmentation surgeries are also recommended to reshape the breasts with too much or too little volume. Surgery for lifting breasts is experienced by a large number of women all over the world every year with no major complication and most of them are satisfied with its results.

When to go for breast lift?

When your breasts droop due to various reasons including pregnancy, gravity, nursing, weight loss or gain, heredity and aging normally breast lift surgery is normally recommended. It is also recommended if the nipples or areolas get deshaped due to the stretching of tissues around them.


Breast lift surgery provides you well shaped, symmetrical and projected breasts Provides youthful appearance to your breasts Improves your self confidence along with your looks, with or without clothes


Normal aging and gravity can reduce the effect of breast lift surgery with time Scars on the skin have to be hidden always under swimsuit or bra Results of this surgery can get affected by subsequent pregnancy

So while planning for breast lift surgery you should consider these pros and cons along with consulting your plastic surgeon to get more information in this regard.


Where to go for a Breast Lift procedure?

Once you are sure and have in mind that you want to proceed with this procedure. Your starting line is the web. You go online, use your favorite search engine *for most people it is Google*. The search results are optimized and funneled based on where you search from. If you are located in Chicago you will get results from local surgeons and cosmetic surgery practices in the nearby area. If you are searching from New York (State), you will see other results. Google will return surgeons in New York. But if in a given case you are browsing Google from a different State or City from where you are trying to find a doctor, you can localize the search by adding the desired location somewhere in the search string (for example¬† “Ny breast lift” or “Breast Lift New York City“).

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Who can be a right candidate for this surgery?

If you are worried about your sagging breasts and searching for a surgical procedure then breast lift surgery is the most recommended procedure along with breast augmentation or breast reduction surgeries by the surgeons. This combination of surgical procedures gives you long lasting results. But before undergoing this surgery you must know whether you are a right candidate or not. Positive attitude, good health and realistic expectations should be the first and foremost features of a right candidate for surgical breast lift. Alongwith these features you can under go this surgery if:

Your breasts hang like pendulum even after their right size Your breast lack firmness You have downward pointing nipples and areolas mainly below the breast crease Both the breasts have different size, shape and position Breasts are comparatively small or unequal size Extremely large and heavy breasts can also be a good candidate for breast lift surgery but their results may not last longer due to their overweight You do not want children any more. You should delay this surgery, if you are planning to have children in future otherwise your breasts may droop again during pregnancy.

Related procedures to breast lift

Surgeons usually recommend various other surgical procedures along with breast lift surgery to give long lasting results to their patients. Some of the related procedures to this surgery include breast reduction procedure, Upper body lift procedure and Mommy makeover procedure etc. Brief information about these procedures is provided here under for your consideration.

Breast reduction procedure

Breast reduction procedure or mammaplasty is normally recommended along with breast lift surgery if you have considerably large breasts to reshape them proportionate to your physical structure. These procedures help in eliminating discomforts caused by extremely large breasts like neck or back pain or bra strap grooving on shoulders etc. Thus this combination can improve not only your physical looks but your mental stress about the abnormally large size of the breasts.

Upper Body Lift procedure

Breast lift surgery is also accompanied with upper body lift procedure as this combination not only improves the looks of the breasts but also removes fat from back and upper arms to give proportionate shape to your upper body. Dramatically drooping skin after liposuction and other weight loss treatments can also be removed through this combination of surgical procedures.

Mommy Makeover procedure

In order to restore your before pregnancy appearance most of the surgeons combine Mommy makeover procedure along with breast lift surgery to reshape abdomen region along with breasts. Augmentation of tummy along with breasts is the main point of focus of this combination.

Thus breast lift surgery can provide long lasting lift to your physical appearance with a proper combination with other procedures recommended by surgeons.