Telling Signs of a Previous Breast Implant Procedure

Whether it’s driven by vanity or the desire to attract a partner, women (and men) have gotten breast implants all over the world. A fuller chest area seems to be a desirable aspect of the female figure. Along with a larger hip area, a large set of breasts may indicate a more “motherly” countenance, hence the natural attraction of the male species to women with a bountiful frame.

Knowing how a fuller chest is obtained through unnatural means may help the discerning gentleman distinguish between a natural bounty and a gel-laden trap.

Once the willing patient goes through the usual series of consultations and discussions about the possible risks and consequences of a procedure, the patient makes the choice of either general anesthesia or local anesthesia.


Paulina Joya a breast surgery patient

When the patient is ready to receive the implants, the surgeon makes an incision in one of several areas of the body. This could either be on the underarms, beneath the breast or around the nipple. The most popular choice has been the armpits to make it easier to hide the scars from the operation. After the incision, the surgeon places the implants into the patient.

Depending on the type of implant, the doctors will either place a full implant or an empty one through the incision. Should the patient get a silicone implant, a full gel pack is placed in the breast. Saline implants are inserted into the breast first and then pumped to bring the breast to the desired size.

After the implants have been placed, the incision is closed with stitches. Patients have the choice of either staying in the hospital for observations or going home, depending on the cause for the implants. Most patients usually opt to immediately go home to marvel at their new found gelatinous confidence.

Thus, the best (and only) way for an observer to determine if a female had something done on her breasts would be to see the bare breasts up close to inspect for scars. A quick observation of the areas mentioned earlier would be the only tell-tale signs of prior procedures.

Of course, one can also ask a person if they had anything done to their breasts. That works just as well. Although it may not be considered very polite to ask if someone has had any gel implants placed into their breast cavities by licensed surgeons. Besides, for a lot of people today, having such implants are not a big deal at all. People have been known to have flourishing intimate relationships despite having had breast augmentation procedures.

The Disadvantages of a Breast Implants

For the female lacking in “personality” or “charm” that attracts guys, getting breast implants has become an easy way to boost the confidence and increase appeal.

Although very attractive at first, getting implants may cause some problems that might be more trouble than they’re worth. Taking a look at some of the downsides to having something unnatural within the female mammary glands may cause washboard girls to appreciate the little pieces of heaven that they already have.

Judith and her breast lift results

Judith Bello – a Patient of Dr. Cole images (c) atlanta liposuction specialty clinic

Decrease in Sensation – It pays to remember that a breast implant comes with no nerve endings or attachments. It is a bag of gel that merely increases the size of the bust. Because of the presence of an unnatural element within the breast cavity, this might lead to a decrease or even change in how the nipples and the breasts respond to outside stimuli.

Stretching of the Skin – Consider a breast implant as a sort of pregnancy for the breast. The presence of the gel pack will stretch the skin to an unnatural size. When the implant is removed, there is a higher tendency for the breasts to start sagging without the silicone gel packs to give it form. This makes for a more undesirable figure when the time comes.

Accidents – Further procedures and corrective plastic surgery is needed in the case of the gel packs becoming punctured while inside the patient. This could be caused by everyday activities. Bumping into things, falling down, inappropriate bra sizes and even sleeping on one’s front side could cause the packs to incur leaks. The end result would have to be a removal of the leaked liquids and replacement of the packs.

Rashes – The body of the patient may not be receptive to the implant. Depending on the skin type of the recipient, the patient might incur rashes and other abnormalities around the breast area. Instead of the increasing the aesthetic value of the implants, it might further cause worry and loss of confidence for the patient.

But then again, that’s what consultations are for. Doctors need to speak to the patient to know their medical history and profile in order to come up with the best procedural practices to make sure that the risks for incurring complications later on are significantly smaller.

If the patient is willing and rich enough to go through with the procedure, proper care should be taken before and after the process to ensure that the patient will fully enjoy the so-called “benefits” of having larger breasts.