Everything You have Ever Wanted to Know about Butt Injections

Butt augmentation surgeries and treatments have become a common feature these after several celebrities have adopted it for increasing the size of their butts through renowned plastic surgeon of Denver, Joffrey and Dr. Matthew Dr.Constantino Mendieta in Miami. Brief information about butt injections is provided in this write-up to understand this concept more precisely.


A medical procedure which allows you to inject a substance into your butts to make them large is known as butt injection. Actually FDA has approved the tailored versions of the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure for this purpose in which fat is extracted from other parts of your body through liposuction and injected into your hips and butts to improve their curves. The version of this surgery conducted by Dr. Joffrey is given a registered name of SCOOP Lift in which a centrifuge is used to remove and separate broken cells of fat before injecting them into your butt by rejecting some of these cells during the process.

Other substance that can be injected into your butts

Some injectable materials and fillers such as collagen and silicone are also used for this purpose but they are not approved by FDA as they can cause permanent disfiguring, severe pain and even death.

Risk factors

Like every other surgery certain risks are also involved in butt injection procedure like blockage of arteries due to direct injection of fat into blood vessels.

Recovery time

Though recovery time for butt injection depends upon the amount of fat extracted and injected but still it may take 2-3 weeks for complete healing after discomfort for initial 7-10 days.


The cost of butt injection surgery can vary in each state but still its standard rate may be more than $9,000 depending upon the amount of fat to be removed and injected as well as the standard of the surgeon you choose for this procedure.

Difference between the Brazilian butt lift and butt implants

According to Dr. Mendieta the rate of complications is higher in but implants as it involves the risk of incision ruptures. Butt implants are less popular than Brazilian procedure as instead of reshaping your butt implants only increase their volume and the shape remains the same. Moreover implants can give an odd look to your butts as if you have concealed something in them. As compared to breast implants butt implants are different as in butts instead of liquid sold materials like silicone etc. are used. On the other hand fat used in butt lift treatment help in reshaping your hips and butts with a soft feel which is not possible in implants as they tighten hip muscles.

Chances of movement of fat from butts

According to Dr. Joffrey the fat injected into your butts cannot move to other parts of your body as most of it is rejected by your body by excretion through your urine and by liquefying it into oil form for liposuction. Though some of the fat cells get wasted during the process but once they are injected into your butts they make a permanent change unless you lose weight.

Eligible candidates

Though the candidature for these treatments depend n every individual but still slightly overweight people are eligible candidate for the procedure of butt injection. On the other hand anyone especially thin people can go for butt implant as they may not have enough fat required for the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure.

Effect of weight loss on butt injection

According to various experts some people gain weight intentionally for having butt injection procedure. But it is not recommended as they will have to maintain their weight after this surgery to enjoy its results for long time. The size of their new butts can reduce if they lose weight after surgery.

The Brazilian Butt Lift treatment was performed for the first time more than two decades earlier but it gained popularity since 5-6 years back only when Dr. Joffrey and other plastic surgeons have performed it on various celebrities. According to the reports submitted by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery only in 2013 more than 10,000 butt injection surgeries were performed.