The Benefits Of Fat Transfer Through Liposuction

More and more women are beginning to view their bodies as real works of art, with aestheticians, plastic surgeons and fitness instructors being the artists that are trying to bring them to perfection. One common technique that’s being used by these artists is fat transfer breast augmentation – a natural solution to obtain an increase in breast volume.

While a big number of women are going in for breast augmentation, many worry about insertion of implants. Fat transfer, an option for breast augmentation, has come to their rescue. Whether your dream is getting back the breast volume lost after child birth, breast feeding or dieting or you simply want to enhance the shape and size of your breasts, fat transfer is the best. This ??natural’ solution makes use of your own fat rather than implants to achieve your breast enlargement goals.

Fat transfer, also referred as fat injections or fat grafting, is a natural, slightly invasive surgery for women seeking to augment their breast or replace age-related lost volume. Fat is extracted through Vaser liposuction, from various body parts where it’s in excess, such as butts, thighs, hips and abdomen. The living cells are protected and their viability reserved in the process. At this point, the fat is purified to separate the healthy fat cells from the damaged ones, and then it’s injected into the breasts for augmentation. This is done by injecting in sequences of small injections for perfect contouring. Additionally, there are fewer chances of the body to reject the tissue and the result is fuller, firmer, softer and more natural-looking breasts.

Benefits of Fat Transfer

This method avoids the risks that are brought about by implants such as leaks, rupture, and shifting. It’s the best solution for anyone who wants a subtle improvement. It’s as well ideal for breast reconstruction after lumpectomy or to correct conditions like uneven or disproportional breasts.

· Minimally invasive methods

· No stiches involved since only tiny incisions are made

· Moderately less pain or discomfort

· Anesthesia administration during procedure

· Naturally looking breasts

· Less scarring or bruises

· Minimal side effects

· Free from implant related complications

· Excess fat removal enhances overall body contour

· Rapid recovery

· Long-lasting results

· As compared to dermal fillers and implants, fat transfer is safe and effective as it offers more natural looking results.

This procedure is being offered as a practical and more natural alternative by surgeons all across the world to having breast implants’ alternative. If you want to increase the size and volume of your breasts modestly, you’re a good candidate for fat transfer, but you should know that breasts should already have nice shape and good skin tone since fat transfer is especially best for enhancing volume.