What is FUE Hair Transplant and What Are The Benefits?

In this beauty oriented world, people take all the measures to remain beautiful and fit. Moreover, now many developed and advanced technologies are available to achieve this goal. Among all the new inventions, hair transplant is the most popular. Hair transplantation is a good option to avoid baldness at any period of life.

FUE hair transplant is one of the methods of the hair restoration. This advanced procedure has received more appreciation in the last couple of decades because of the lasting and harmless results?

What is FUE?

In this method, a surgeon uses an instrument to create a small and circular opening in the skin near a follicular unit and that incision separates this particular small area from other tissues, then the unit is extracted openly from the scalp by creating a little hole.

The surgeon continues this process until he has not harvested required follicular units for the hair transplant. This procedure is less time taking and simpler one. It takes one to three hours depending on the amount of hair transplant. In some cases, you might need to visit the surgeon for two consecutive days for a larger area hair transplant. The healing procedure takes only ten to fifteen days. And you will not experience any side effects except some scars. Moreover, these scars will be disappeared after a few days.


Fue Hair Transplant Patient – Copyright Dr. Jezic

fue hair transplant pictures courtesy of the Houston hair transplant center

Who is behind this invention?

The idea of FUE hair transplant was conceived by an Australian Doctor, Dr. Woods. But he had not made it public. In 2002, this method was described by Drs. Rassman and Bernstein in a medical literature. They disclosed the procedure in the 2002 publication with the title “Follicular Unit Extraction: Minimally Invasive Surgery for Hair transplantation”. This article introduced a new method of the hair transplant and gradually it received more attention by the medicals professional and people all over the world. Now FUE hair transplant procedure is widely used.

Benefits of the FUE hair transplant

There are so many benefits of this new and developed hair transplant. First, It is safe and can be done by anyone who wants to get hair restoration. Some of the benefits of FUE are given below.

No Scars

As mentioned above, FUE procedure is safe and you will not experience any side effect. In this process, the surgeon uses specific instruments to pull follicular grafts from the back of your head. That absolutely leaves no visible and permanent scars on your scalp.

Satisfactory results

This is a less time taking process. In a single session, an expert can transplant up to 3500 follicular graft. It will take only two to three hours. There are also examples that people with severe baldness have got the full hair restoration in a single session. The best thing about this procedure is that it offers lasting and effective results.

Quick Recovery time

It takes maximum two weeks for the recovery as it makes small cuts on the scalps during the procedure. There are no negative and side effects of this hair transplant. You can get full hair within a couple of hours.