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Consult the B2B inside sales rep with the use of numbers- as you have be instructed earlier you should never ask the rep the reasons for their going through a rough time as it a bad idea. It is similar to getting a bunch of talking in the circles. Rather it is important that you consult these reps with regards to their metrics and numbers. There are few things that you need to analyze like call to follow up ration for finding the area of improvements, conversion to appointment ration and call to conversion ratios. It is also a great way to gain appreciation from the B2B inside sales rep who will happy that instead of asking them for self diagnosis, you have helped them in diagnosing their problem.


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Setting appointments is not important- rather you need to concentrate more about generating worthwhile profitable sales that too at an affordable cost. You should contribute your entire effort in reaching the goal that you have pre determined as it is worth your hard work. There are many questions that you need to answer like the number of accounts you will need, the volume of the new revenue that you want, the number of sales appointment that you want to obtain one worthwhile account and the number of new accounts that you will need. After answering these questions successfully, you can be rest assured that you will set appointment for prospects that do not purchase anything or purchase very little.

Concentrate on the whole sales process to find a solution- the most important factor of achieving success for the sales teams is the boosting activity which includes inside sales, telemarketing, cold calling, lead generation and appointment setting prospecting. Thus it is not easy to replace paper with computer as you need to look into the entire sales process and then derive a solution that can enhance the activity along with tracking it.

Setting the right target that can be achieved- target is the driving force on which every company runs and thus it is very important to achieve this target. There are companies that fail as they have high target that cannot be accomplished. Thus you should strive to achieve small steps so that you can get positive results.

Contact your prospects with e-mail marketing- after you conform your email you need to send invitation to your prospects rather then typing the invitations yourself. Email template is the best way to send invitation which can be done with Salesforce or Outlook. When you send an email, the prospects will get it and it easy way rather than calling the prospects for locking in an appointment.

Have trust on your appointment setting team- when you feel that your team is reliable and you feel confident about it, your team will want to prove it back to you. Even after you have faith in your team they will get the motivation to succeed. They will use their full capacity for delivering what you want.