How You Can Get More Blog Traffic For Free

Having a good blog is only the first step in getting visitors. Improving traffic does not happen instantly. It takes a bit of hard work and a bit of patience. If you want people to visit your weblog you have to tell them about it. Advertising is key. You need to submit your website every search engine you can find. Google, Bing, and Yahoo are the big three but there are dozens more. A search for “search engines” will give you a list to start with. Remember the more visible your site is, the more visitors you will get.

Make sure to check the fine print on the search engines and keep track of if and when you should resubmit. If you do not do it often enough, you will get forgotten. Do it too often and some search engines will ban you. Buying ads can help get your blog spotted.  With Google for example, you can bid on keywords and your ad will appear to the left of the search results. You pay a fee every time someone clicks on the ad.  They work very well but can get expensive. Reciprocal link exchanges can do wonders to boost your search engine ranking.

There are also the basics that need to be considered. Double and triple check your spelling and grammar. Just about any program you type into has a spell check so there are no excuses for misspelled words. If you are expecting foreign traffic, keep in mind the differences that exist in spelling and terminology. For instance, American and British terminology differs greatly when referring to things like line versus queue or gas versus petrol. Keeping your blog easy to read is very important too. People do not generally like site that seem too cluttered or busy.

Make sure to avoid having any dead links on your site. They give the impression that you either do not know how to update a weblog or just do not care to. Do not under any circumstances spam your visitors. Any unsolicited email could get you accused of being a spammer, which can get you booted from your web host. Adding flash images to your blog can definitely make it more graphically impressive, but it can also make the loading time drag for individuals with a slow connection or an outdated computer. Getting visitors means optimizing just about every aspect of your blog. Do not hesitate to make adjustments as you go along.