How my wife had her cosmetic surgery

If you have ever considered getting cosmetic surgery, you may have heard comments that say that you are just being a victim of the pervasive idea that beautiful women should look like the ones in the movies. However, what cosmetic surgery can give you is always based on your personal expectations. For some, this procedure has helped them improve their self-confidence. Some even undergo this procedure in order for them to help their body perform tasks better.

before and after the lipo (my wife)

before and after the lipo (my wife)

How she went under the Knife

For most people who have successfully undergone plastic surgery, they feel that the emotional benefits that they enjoy are the ones that make the effort and the expense reasonable enough. These people are the ones who have been suffering from the idea that there is something wrong with the way their body looks like, and that it is not the image they want.

Some undergo this procedure because they feel that they can look good and feel better about themselves. Some feel that they are nagged by a flaw and it would help them reduce their anxiety once it is corrected by the procedure. They want to be more presentable and confident with the belief that having a nose lift would enhance their appearance and gain more in life. This is especially true for those who think that their appearance is the reason why they do not get the career advancement that they deserve. Giorgio Armani, despite being a pillar in the world of fashion, underwent plastic surgery, for the sheer reason that he thinks that he would feel more confident about himself and be able to better promote his products at his age after the procedure.

The doctor that operated my Wife

There are also some who underwent cosmetic surgery because it would allow them to gain back physical abilities or make use of their senses better. Some undergo eyelid enhancement procedures in order to gain back their peripheral vision. Some also require plastic surgery after severe accidents in order for them to make use of their facial muscles again. Without this practice, some may never have the ability to smile and frown again, which limits their ability to interact with others and have a normal life.

In the end, the benefits that you can enjoy would all depend on your goals. Before you go through cosmetic surgery, make sure that you are aware of what to expect from the procedure to help you decide whether you should push for an operation.

What had her change my mind

If you are thinking of going under breast augmentation or having botox injection, you are about to make a huge decision. Before you undergo cosmetic surgery, you need to do the necessary self-check first.

How she started recovery

Having a plastic surgery is similar to having a tattoo. The results are permanent and it can be very hard to undo them. For this reason, it is very important that you have a compelling reason why you want to enhance your physical appearance. If you feel that you are unsure whether you want to change how your nose looks like or you want to keep it as it is, then do not book a surgery yet. This is not a decision that you want to make without thinking things over several times.

Understand that most cosmetic surgeries are done because you want to feel better psychologically or you want to do it because of social reasons. It is skin-deep, as most people would say, but it creates a great impact on how you are going to perceive yourself. For those who are not able to accept the way they look, they may want to undergo excessive surgeries, with the sheer belief that it is the only way they can feel confident. That, of course, leads to a problem. For that reason, it is for your benefit that you give serious thought about the outcome of a surgery.

What to Ask your Wife or Partner

If you are contemplating about having a surgery, it is best to ask yourself these questions:

  1. How long have I been thinking about getting a surgery?
  2. Do I have a specific goal in mind that only surgery can give me?
  3. Is it possible that I can get these goals through other means?
  4. Do I expect this surgery to change my life for the better?
  5. Will surgery really provide the appearance that I desire?

Take note that having a surgery would not solve any problems such as breakups, lack of promotion in the office, or being unable to get better relationships. It may boost your confidence in a way, but it does not offer a lasting solution to any personal or career trouble. If you think that you are driven to have surgery to solve a problem, then you might have false expectations from a plastic surgery. You might want to consider counseling first before you talk to a surgeon to get an operation done.