Selfies Leading to More Plastic Surgeries

Nowadays people take selfies for them to post on social platforms. There are different platforms which people use such as Instagram among others. After taking the selfies, they post them online from where other people comment about them. This leads to more people becoming conscious about their look.


This in one way or another has lead to many people resorting to cosmetic surgery as a way of trying to correct areas where they feel they are not looking perfect. Most selfies capture the face, this has led many people to trying to carry out corrective procedures on their faces. There are many cases where celebrities have resorted to cosmetic surgery which has led to their transformations. For the case of celebrities it is associated with their exposure to a lot of people on social media. The trend has now gone further to individuals who are not celebrities. After they take the selfies, they will have a chance to look at the photos critically even more than when they will be looking at the mirror. Remember when looking at the mirror you will be alone to judge your appearance, but after you decide to post the selfies on social platforms you will give other people a chance to comment. You will also have a chance to compare your photo with other people who may have posted theirs online. Here are incidences where selfies have led to more plastic surgeries:

Increase in Eyelid surgery due to selfies

After people take selfies they will have a chance of know the way their eyelids appear. In case there are some defects on the eyelids, the defects can be easily corrected through use of eyelid surgery. This is a form of plastic surgery that has gained popularity nowadays because people are aware of the way they appear. For example, an individual can take a selfie and post it online. From the photo he or she will have a chance of seeing other photos that have been posted. This lead individuals to looking for ways of improving their faces so that they will look like certain celebrities who have posted their photos online. This in one way or another leads to an increase in the number of people who will like to undergo eyelid surgery. Some people will just take their selfies and they post them online. While browsing they will come across selfies of celebrities, due to the attractive looks that some celebrities who have undergone plastic surgery have, they can decide to undergo the procedures for them to appear attractive too.


There are some people who will like to improve the appearance of their nose. Many people have realized the defects that they have on their noses after they took selfies. This in one way or another has fueled the rate at which people are using the cosmetic surgery procedure as a way of trying to improve their appearances. Rhinoplasty has been used by many celebrities as a way of trying to improve their appearance. After individuals take selfies, they discover there is a defect that they have. From selfies that have been posted by celebrities, there are others who claim to have made use of rhinoplasty and they ended up with great improvements of their noses. This make more and more people consultant surgeons with an intention of accessing the cosmetic surgery procedures for them to look great.

Hair transplants

Different people have different types of hair. There are others who have attractive hairs while others will like to improve the appearance of their hair. Through selfies that people take they are able to know the real appearance of their hair. This in one way or another has fueled the rate at which people are seeking for the cosmetic surgery procedures. Hair transplant can lead individuals who have poor quality of hair to have hair that is beautiful implanted on their heads. Those who suffer from hair loss can also apply the method for them to have beautiful looking hair on their heads. Remember you will never know the way your head appears, but after you take a selfie you will easily know how the hair is appearing. This will lead you to consulting surgeons who will offer you the services of hair transplant. More and more people are willing to try cosmetic surgery after they take selfies from where they will compare their appearance with other people.

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images by Dr. Wright – (St. Louis Laser Liposuction Center)