Simple WordPress Themes – Less is More

The internet can be a scary place. There’s just such a wealth of information available these days that it’s hard to know where to start. And, once you do start, you’re so distracted by all the animated gifs and flashing banner ads that you can’t even remember why you were visiting that site in the first place. In a world where the internet is constantly trying to bombard you with more, it’s sometimes refreshing to find a liposuction website that takes a minimalistic approach. This is why simple WordPress themes have been growing in popularity lately, and are likely to continue to do so.

WordPress is the most popular blogging application on the internet. People like WordPress because it’s easy to use, supports widgets, and is versatile and customizable, as long as you know what you’re doing. And the people who create these simple WordPress themes know what they’re doing. They know that “simple” doesn’t mean “ugly,” and that “minimalistic” doesn’t mean Web 1.0. They understand the importance of maintaining a modern look and feel without cluttering up the page with too many widgets and applications. In that way, these simpler layouts have to try to figure out how to offer more less information without taking up more space, which can be a challenge.

But that’s why these web developers are still in business: there’s a demand for simple WordPress themes, and these developers have heard the call and are giving the people what they want. They’re producing simple themes that aren’t cluttered with too many graphics, but still give bloggers the space that they need in order to say their piece. While you can find some of these simple themes for free, you can get a more customized and more professional layout and design by purchasing a simple theme from a web developer.

There’s a reason that the world needs editors. Without them, we would be absolutely inundated with all kinds of information, some of which we don’t need. That’s the beauty of these simple WordPress themes: they’re edited by the web developers not to overwhelm the reader. They allow the focus to be on the words and information that the blogger presents, instead of on all of the nifty illustrations and unique fonts used in the theme. We have a lot of choice in the world today, which is a good thing; it means we can have more variety. But, sometimes, less is still more.