The Secret to Natural looking Breast Enhancement

After deciding to go for a breast augmentation one of the primary concerns for most women is that the breast will not look natural after the operation. This is according to experts in the field of breast enhancements. The concern that many women are faced with is well informed as many “boob jobs” always end up looking fake. However, there are still many ways for these women to get natural looking breasts but this will only be possible if they are well informed before going under the knife.

Selecting the right implants is the secret behind natural looking breast implants but there are also many other factors that will help complement this. Choosing the right implants is easy provided one know what to look for but three things should always be considered. The three things are the implant type, its shape, and size. Considering the three factors is critical in getting the best results from the surgery. The three factors will not only help one have realistic results but will also assist the surgeon achieve a patient’s specific breast enhancement goals.

When choosing the type of implant for the augmentation, there are two options for one to choose from. The two options are silicone or saline. Both have their merits and demerits, and so the needs of the patient should influence the type of implant they choose. Silicone implants are the most commonly used and also the most preferred implants by many women as they have a tendency to look more natural. The fact that they are also less likely to ripple even in women who have thin skins also make silicone implants the better option for most people.

Once the type of implant has been selected the next thing that has to be figured out to get, natural looking breast augmentation is the shape and size. For the shape, one can choose either anatomical or round shape depending on their preferences. The ideal size of the breast enhancement should be determined by careful examination and measurements. Besides from the measurements and individual’s postoperative desired look should also be considered in determining the right size. For the shape, the degree of upper pole fullness should dictate the shape to get a natural look. An overly full pole is an indication of unnatural breast and so is an excessively convex breast.


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breast augmentation – patient courtesy : Nashville Liposuction Specialty Clinic

Still on the size of the implants, it is important not to focus a lot on the CC’s that the individual gets but instead more emphasis should be put on their appearance. The ideal size should be dictated by the body size and shape of the individual. For small-bodied individuals, excessively large breasts are a dead giveaway of a ‘boob job’. Most experts will agree that bigger does not always mean better, and so the right size should not only focus on giving the patient the biggest breasts possible.

Once an individual selects their ideal implant, its shape and size it will be important for them to visualize how their breasts will look like before getting the job done. This can be done using some modern technologies like 3D Imaging. Using this technology, it is possible to see exactly how the implants will look like post operation. In some cases where the technology is not available, an individual may be required to try out different implant sizes once the pockets for the implants have been created. This is recommended for individuals who are not sure which implants will look natural on them.

All the above factors can be easily figured out if a person is well informed but getting a natural breast enhancement will be dependent on the surgeon carrying out the procedure. The fast thing that one should ensure is that the surgeon has been certified and licensed to operate by the relevant authority. Licensing and certification are an indication that the plastic surgeon is trained and qualified in the field. There are many quacks that purport to do this surgery but in most cases the outcome is always wrong. Besides from this, you should also look for an experienced surgeon who has performed many similar operations in the past. Ask to see before and after pictures of his or her previous patients and if you like what you see then you will also get a good job done on your breasts.